Blockchain Forensics and Compliance: Two Peas in a Pod

Blockchain forensic analytics anti-money laundering

For businesses engaged in cryptocurrency, transaction monitoring is an important part of their compliance programs. Businesses such as Bitcoin ATM (BTM) operators should monitor transactions on an ongoing basis for suspicious activity such as money laundering and for connections to sanctioned parties. These businesses should also know that there are effective tools they can use …

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Often Dealing with Cryptocurrency? Your Business Could Be An MSB, with AML, Sanctions Obligations

Money Services Businesses anti-money laundering compliance

Companies regularly engaged with cryptocurrency often meet the criteria to be money services businesses (MSBs) under federal regulation and are required to implement anti-money laundering programs and ensure OFAC sanctions compliance. This article will explore why such businesses are often MSBs under federal law, what kinds of MSBs such businesses are, and the basics of …

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AML Regulations for Financial Institutions Entering the Cryptoeconomy

Whether financial services companies are actively engaged in the cryptoeconomy revolution or are watching it develop while planning for the future, there is increased interest in the relevant technologies and the questions of how companies can adapt. One question financial services companies have is how these technologies are and will be regulated, and in particular, …

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