About CryptoCompli

CryptoCompli is a boutique AML compliance consulting firm focused on cryptocurrency businesses. As a boutique firm, CryptoCompli has the capability to intimately understand the unique details, mechanisms, and processes of your cryptocurrency business and can tailor its approach accordingly.

CryptoCompli focuses on the following areas of practice:

  • The anti-money laundering and sanctions compliance needs of cryptocurrency businesses, and
  • Support for attorneys and law firms in the cryptocurrency, anti-money laundering, and sanctions compliance space.

The firm is uniquely qualified to help cryptocurrency businesses and other financial services businesses:

  • We are CAMS-certified (CAMS is considered the gold-standard of qualifications for anti-money laundering professionals)
  • We have additional certifications in blockchain technology and legal research
  • We are veterans of the legacy financial and FinTech/cryptocurrency spaces
  • We've worked in business law firms and legal aid, so we have the training to seamlessly step-in to law firm contexts and provide support services such as legal research and legal writing to practitioners in the cryptocurrency and/or financial services compliance space
  • CryptoCompli retains membership with Boston's Social Law Library, which provides CryptoCompli with elite legal research tools and access to highly-trained legal reference librarians

CryptoCompli provides compliance solutions for cryptocurrency businesses and support for attorneys and law firms practicing in related areas. Our training and experience allows us to give the care and attention-to-detail clients expect from experienced law-trained compliance professionals, and the subject-matter-expertise of qualified financial services and cryptocurrency specialists.

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